The EDDA Center has entered into a research partnership with the University of Lisbon as part of project on social and economic benefits of equal pay between women and women. EDDA core researcher, Stefán Ólafsson, is the Icelandic member of the research team that includes members from the School of Economics & Management and Center for Applied Mathematics and Economics (CEMAPRE) at the University of Lisbon and the Centre for Studies for Social Intervention (CESIS) in Lisbon. The research project, which is funded by the European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway grants scheme, has four goals:

  • To contribute to the determination of the benefits resulting from the elimination of the gender pay gap in terms of income and protection against poverty
  • To estimate the possible macroeconomic benefits of equal pay in terms of the GDP
  • To develop an economic case to illuminate the economic and social benefits of the elimination of the gender pay gap, including on the qualitative effects over women’s life courses
  • To offer recommendations – based on a collaborative and participatory methodological approach – on a policy and national framework

More information can be found on the project’s webpage.