Research Program

EDDA is an interdisciplinary Center of Excellence in critical contemporary research, with special emphasis on equality and diversity; transnational politics and security; the social state; sustainability and development. EDDA’s strategic research programme is based on three interrelated and interdisciplinary research areas (containing two themes each):

Research Area I: The Politics of Anxiety  –  explores political, economic, social, and cultural conditions, with emphasis on (in)equality discourses and practices; representations of power, hierarchies, and identities, and debates on „emergency politics“, societal deconstruction and reconstruction.  It addresses these topics from diverse perspectives, such as gender; politics; the environment; memory and history; civil society; and multiculturalism.

Research Area II: The Welfare State, Citizenship and Social Justice –  focuses on the relationship between the state, markets and the private sphere and the consequences different configurations have in terms of human well-being and the quality of society.

Research Area III: Transnational Engagements: Conflict, Development and Sustainability – focuses on development, reconstruction and security discourses in various geographic settings.