Conference Program

Wednesday 22 May
Opening Ceremony & Key Note Lecture

Venue: Veröld (V)

11:00–13:30Registration  Veröld
13:30–14:00Welcome Remarks: Irma Erlingsdóttir,Director of the EDDA Research Center

Network Overview: Peter G. Stadius, Project Leader of ReNEW
14:00–15:00Keynote Lecture

Julia Suárez-Krabbe (Roskilde University)
Chair: Giti Chandra (University of Iceland)
Human Rights, Development and Coloniality: A Global Outlook

15:00–15:15Coffe Break Veröld

Parallel Sessions 1: 15:30–17:00

Book Panel (VAuditorium)

Cooperation and Confrontation: Nordic Experiences of Civil Society since 1800  

Chair: Ruth Hemstad (National Library of Norway and the University of Oslo)
Sunniva Engh (University of Oslo), Ruth Hemstad (National Library of Norway and the University of Oslo), and Mads Mordhorst (Copenhagen Business School)
Editorsʼ Introduction
Margrét Gunnarsdóttir (National Archive of Iceland)
Ideas of Enlightenment vs. Old Norse Heritage: Experiences of Civil Society in Iceland during the First Decades of the 19th Century
Peter Stadius (University of Helsinki)
State Civil Servants and Voluntary Nordic Cooperation: The Nordic Federation of Public Administration, 1919−1952
Mads Mordhorst (Copenhagen Business School)
Hybridity and Blurred Borders between Market and Civil Society: The Case of Danish Cooperatives, Savings Banks, and Corporations
Sunniva Engh (University of Oslo)
The Scandinavian Red Cross Societies in the Nordic Countries and Beyond
Comments: Norbert Götz (Södertörn University)
1a (V-007)

Cultural Influence and Popular Geopolitics: The Role of Media, Sport, and Other “Non-Traditional” Diplomatic Actors in Informing Northern European and International Order 

Chair: Vitaly Kazakov (University of Iceland)
Rósa Magnúsdóttir (University of Iceland)
Cultural Relations and the Russo-Ukrainian War: Cases from the United States and Iceland
Vitaly Kazakov (University of Iceland)
Sports Mega-Events and their Political Memory: Political Significances of France 2016, Russia 2018, and Pan-European 2020 Football Championships as Recalled by Icelanders
J Simon Rofe (University of Leeds)
Utilisation of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games as a Tool of Sports Diplomacy and Its Political Significance
Balazs Ujvari (European Commission)
Media Engagement and Public Awareness of Humanitarian Crises and Civil Protection Measures: A Practitioner’s Experience 

Roundtable (V-008)

First Results: Citizens’ Perspectives on Four Grand Societal Challenges in Four Nordic Countries, the United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, Poland, and Germany
Moderators: Caroline de la Porte and Zhen Im (Copenhagen Business School)
Irma Erlingsdóttir (University of Iceland)
Mary Hilson (Aarhus University)
Johan Strang (University of Helsinki)

Thursdau 23 May
Venue: Veröld (V) and Háskólatorg (HT)

Parallel Sessions 9:00–10:30

2a (HT103)

Radical Activism in Theory and Praxis

Chair: Johan Strang (University of Helsinki)
Mikael Lyngaas (University of Oslo)
Scandinavian-American Socialism, 1880–1920
Pontus Järvstad (University of Iceland)
Nordic Anti-fascism Against the Greek Junta (1967–1974): Norwegian Attempts to Unify the Greek Democratic Opposition
Armando Garcia (University of Iceland)
Friends of Humanity in the X-Men 97’ The Animated Series (2024): An Allegory of Global White Supremacy, Racialized Subjects, and Hidden Transcripts
Jeremias Schledorn (University of Iceland)
Not about Facts but Emotions? Political Polarization as a Problem of Redescription

2b (HR101)

Gender and Sexual Exceptionalism in Norden

Chair: Ulla Manns (Södertörn University)
Elena Lindholm (Umeå University)
The Myth of Nordic Women’s Sexual Exceptionalism in 20th Century Spain
Anna Bark Persson (Umeå University)
Exceptional Masculinities: The Viking Figure in Popular Media
Kirill Polkov (Södertörn University)
Swedish Sexual Exceptionalism and the Russian Other
Ulla Manns (Södertörn University)
Gender Exceptionalism and the Memory of Women’s Suffrage in Sweden
2c (HT104)

Framing Social Identities: Refugees, and LGBTQ Rights

Chair: Linda Sólveigar- og Guðmunds (University of Iceland)
Tuire Liimatainen (Migration Institute of Finland)
Nation within and beyond: Constructing Diaspora and National in the Finnish Diaspora Policy
Oksana Pchapska (Polish Academy of Science)
Refugee Narratives: Manipulation, Media, and the Dynamics of Information Warfare in Contemporary Conflict Zones
Katharina Kehl (Lund University)
A Rainbow Flag Worth Defending? LGBTQ Rights and the Re-Territorialization of Swedish Defense
Giti Chandra (University of Iceland)
Let’s Meet over Coffee in the Boksala”: Mapping Decoloniality at the University of Iceland