Gender, Power, Violence Network

Gender, power and violence: Interdisciplinary and philosophical inquiries into war, conflict and crisis (GPV)

In June 2011 a NOS-H grant was awarded to scholars associated with EDDA to establish a network on gender, power and violence.

The Grant was awarded for four exploratory workshops. These workshops, which will be held within a two-year time period, will gather a network of scholars that compose the core network as well as an extended network and a number of invited specialists to give papers at separate workshops. Scholars from Holland, Chile, Germany and the United States are part of the extended network. The main objective of the workshop series is to support the establishment and organization of a Nordic research project that aims at making a strong innovative contribution to current interdisciplinary research on war, conflict, and crisis and their gendered aspects.  The project also identifies and explores the “political” in contemporary discourses of gender, power and violence, and the implications of these concepts for evaluating contemporary politics. The secondary aim of the workshop series is to prepare an extensive research proposal for EU and other funding agencies.

Dr. Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Iceland, is the coordinator of the network.



October 2012

Plurality, Violence, Justice: 3rd meeting of the NOS-H network Gender,  Power, and Violence

May 2012

Recognizing Terrorism – Low Profile Terrorism

November 2011

Workshop meeting at the University of Iceland