EDDA – Center of Excellence, in collaboration with Fairness at Work Research Group, European Work and Employment Research Centre, Manchester Business School and the Centre for Gender Studies, Panteion University, will organize the international symposium Women, Gender Equality and Economic Crisis. The symposium will take place on 21-22 April 2012 at the University of Iceland, room Háskólatorg HT101 and HT105. To view the symposium programme, please click here.

How does the recession affect women? What are the implications of public spending cuts for women’s employment? Are social services for women more likely to be cut? To discuss these issues, the symposium brings together leading experts within the field of gender and  labour market studies, including from the European Commission‘s Expert Group on Gender and Employment (EGGE). Case studies of countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Portugal and Spain will be presented, as well as analyses at the EU level and theoretical reflections.

Key themes:

Women, Work and Employment: How has the recession affected the positions of men and women within the labour market with regard to e.g. labour market participation, working hours and unemployment?

Women and the Changing Welfare State: What are the main changes that have been made in relation to the welfare state and how have they affected men and women?

Differences between Women: How has the recession affected different groups of women? Which groups of women are best off and which are the worst off? What is the status of lone mothers? Pensioners? Migrant women?

Economic Policy and Gender: How has the economic policy affected the position of men and women within the labour market?

Keynote speakers:

Francesca Bettio, Professor of Economic Policy, University of Siena: Crisis and Recovery in Europe: The Labour Market Impact on Men and Women.




Jacqueline O’Reilly, Professor of Comparative Employment Relations and Human Resources Management, Brighton Business School: Challenging the Gender Contract: Interdependency, Conflict and Control




Jill Rubery, Professor of Comparative Employment Systems, Manchester Business School: From Women and Recession to Women and Austerity: Some Reflections on the Conference Contributions




The event is open to the public and no registration is required. It will be conducted in English. For further information, please visit the symposium website.