EDDA‘s Grant Renewed for Four Years

EDDA is pleased to announce that the board of the Strategic Research Programme for Centres of Excellence and Research Clusters (Rannis) has decided – following a mid-term review – to continue to fund the Center for the next four years. The grant amounts to 35 million Icelandic Kronor (ISK) annually. The decision was based on the results of a report by external evaluators, in late 2012, on EDDA‘s academic and public-policy activities since the Center‘s establishment in 2009.  The evaluation report was very positive, stating that that the Center had made “remarkable progress” in its objectives and that it had added significant value to the research environment at the University of Iceland through its interdisciplinary focus.  In the next few years, EDDA will continue to strengthen its research areas and themes, establish links with domestic and foreign universities and research institutions, and seek to influence public policy and societal debates.  During the first three years of operation, EDDA awarded 26 research grants and organized 41 conferences, workshops, symposia and seminars. Through EDDA’s networks and institutional links, 94 scholars have visited EDDA to meet with the Center’s researchers and governmental partners, to participate in EDDA-sponsored conferences and symposia and to give lectures and seminars.