Unnur Valdimarsdóttir

Unnur Valdimarsdóttir, Professor of Epidemiology, University of Iceland

Email: unnurav@hi.is

Health consequences of the Icelandic economic collapse
The Icelandic economic collapse in October 2008 was unique in its magnitude and velocity; the social and economic burden imposed on Icelanders and their health remains to date unclear.  Even more so is the extent that the economic collapse may have on the health of the nation.

The research project brings together leading national and international scientists as well as public health policy professionals in the overarching objective to understand potential health consequences of the economic collapse in Iceland and factors on group and individual level that mediate such effects. Using a representative cohort of 5439 individuals with baseline data from 2007, individuals will prospectively be followed for changes in self-reported health and health-related behaviours 1-4 years following the collapse. An effort will be devoted to understand health risks of vulnerable groups, suffering economic loss, excessive debts or unemployment.

The unique features of the Icelandic economic collapse along with the opportunity of obtaining unusually comprehensive data on health and health-related behaviours of Icelanders provides excellent conditions for conducting internationally leading research in this area.

Project partners are: The Public Health Institute of Iceland and the Centre of Public Health Sciences at the University of Iceland.

Research Field and Areas: Public Health, Sociology, Epidemiology, Psychology
Keywords: Labour Market; Socio-Economic Crisis; Regional Inequality; Economic collapse; Mental health; Health-related behaviour