Sigrún Alba Sigurðardóttir

Sigrún Sigurðardóttir, Ph.D. Student

Experiences of refugee women – portraying the past in words, images and spaces
The research project focuses on the memories and experiences of refugee women from Palestine and the Balkans who have been granted asylum in Iceland. Apart from analysing the way in which the refugee women’s personal experience is shaped by its interaction with the dominant discourse on the events that they have experienced, the research project will to a large extent be concerned with the refugee women’s possible means of expressing these experiences.

The focal point of the source work will consist of in-depth interviews with the refugee women. Interdisciplinary approaches will be deployed. In this regard, methods developed within psychoanalysis and trauma theory will have special significance. In general, however, the approach will draw on disciplines such as microhistory, oral history, discourse analysis and phenomenology, memory studies, life writing and photography theory. The project will result in academic texts on the one hand, a doctoral thesis and published articles, and on the other, an exhibition. The exhibition would provide an opportunity to give concrete form to the ideology behind the research project.

Research Field and Areas: Cultural Studies, Minority studies, Trauma studies, Memory studies, Historiography, Microhistory, Oral History, Life Writing
Keywords: Refugee women, Cultural representations, Memory, Representation of traumatic experiences, Otherness, Identity and cultural differences, Philosophy of difference, Visual representations of historical events.

Presentations and Publications