Hildur Fjóla Antonsdóttir

Hildur Fjóla

Hildur Fjóla Antonsdóttir, PhD candidate, Sociology of Law, Lund University

Email: hildur_fjola.antonsdottir@soclaw.lu.se

The Processing of Rape Cases by the Icelandic Criminal Justice System

In recent years, the Icelandic justice system has been heavily criticized for the fact that few rape complaints lead to official charges by the public prosecutor’s office and subsequent low number of verdicts. In 2010–2011, the Ministry for the Interior conducted wide-ranging consultations which stakeholders and professionals working on rape cases within the justice and health-care system. Subsequently, EDDA, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, started a research project with the aim of exploring the underlying factors that contribute to cases proceeding or not at the different stages of the justice system. A second research component was initiated in 2013 to explore the views and attitudes of professionals working within the justice system to processing rape cases, as well as their opinions on possible improvements.

The research was implemented in collaboration with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Reykjavík Metropolitan Police and was funded by the Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology, Ministry of the Interior, the Human Rights Fund of the Ministry of the Interior, the Gender Equality Fund of the Prime Minister’s Office, and EDDA.

The project has been completed and the research findings have been published in two reports.

Research Field and Areas: Gender, criminology, sociology of law

Keywords: Sexual violence, criminal justice system, social justice

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