Halla Gunnarsdóttir

Halla Gunnarsdóttir, Predoctoral Researcher
E-mail: hallagg@gmail.com

Nordic Security Cooperation: Possibilities and Limitations
The research project deals with the security and defence policies of the Nordic states within the framework of Nordic cooperation. The end of the East-West conflict not only proved to be a paradigm shift in international politics, it also made it possible again to re-engage the topic of Nordic security and military cooperation. Following the failure to establish a Scandinavian Defence Alliance in 1948-1949, this had been a taboo subject during the Cold War because of the different security policies pursued by the Nordic states. Since the mid-1990s, three pan-Nordic security projects have been launched.

The purpose is to analyze and evaluate the possibilities and limitations of such Nordic security cooperation, with special emphasis on the so-called Stoltenberg proposals for expanding it. The focus will be on the main policy drivers and the different security approaches adopted by individual Nordic countries (some are only NATO members and others only EU members) will be analyzed, with the aim of illuminating whether they preclude meaningful Nordic cooperation this field. Finally, attention will be given to the position of Iceland in Nordic security cooperation as well as its position in relation to the US, NATO and the EU. In this regard Iceland makes a special case being a demilitarized state and facing economic woes following the 2008 banking collapse.

Research Field and Areas: Security Studies and International Relations
Keywords: Nordic Security Cooperation; Stoltenberg Report; International Financial Crisis; Societal Security; Militarism; NATO Air Policing.

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