Anne Flaspöler

Dr. Anne Flaspöler, Postdoctoral Researcher


Anne received her PhD in Politics and International Studies from the University of Leeds in 2015. Her research interests include peacekeeping training and its socialisation properties, liberal peacebuilding as well as African peace and security efforts. She has conducted fieldwork in Ghana, South Africa and Rwanda.

Current Research Project: The Dynamics of Hybridity: How do they shape African Peacekeeping Training Centers?

This research project aims to identify the dynamics that shape the hybridity of peacekeeping training centers in Africa by exploring the different influences that guide them in their efforts such as donor relations and inter-institutional cooperation. The concept of hybridity as the fusion of ‘the international’ and ‘the local’ is currently discussed in the liberal peacebuilding literature. It describes the way local practices as well as international norms and structures are adapted in response to the levels of cooperation, coercion and resistance in post-conflict environments.

In order to contribute to this debate, these dynamics are initially addressed in the context of the SADC Regional Peacekeeping Training Centre (RPTC) in Harare. In so doing, the project assesses how the different dynamics have affected the center’s perception of its role, as well as its priorities, activities and institutional goals. This will provide insights into the features of institutional hybridity which can be tested in future research involving a larger number of peacekeeping training centers.

Research Field and Areas: Peacekeeping training, hybridity, liberal peacebuilding, Africa.

Presentations and Publications