Annadís Gréta Rúdólfsdóttir

Annadís G. Rúdólfsdóttir, Assistant Professor in Research Methodology at the School of Education at the University of Iceland


Annadís Greta Rúdólfsdóttir studied at the London School of Economic and Political Science and completed her PhD in Social Psychology in 1997. She worked in the UK for 10 years, first as a lecturer at the department of Social Psychology (1999-2000) and then as a senior lecturer in social psychology at the University of the West of England (UWE) (2000-2009). Dr Rúdólfsdóttir has done extensive research on gender, in particular the ways in which gender relations are played out in structural and institutional domains such as the family, media and health care system. She is currently writing about “feminism in action”, her experiences and research into the transnational dialogue taking place at the GEST Programme.

Presentations and Publications