Year 3

During the third year of its operation EDDA issued one call:

The Fourth Call

Specification of the Grant/Fellowship Applications: 7 February 2012 Call.

Research Area 1. The Politics of Transition

Topic: Representations and Practices of (In-) Equality and Difference (Research Theme 1)

Topic: National and Cultural Narratives (Research Theme 2)

Research Area 2. The Welfare State, Citizenship and Social Justice

Topic: The Impact of Economic Crises on Inequality and Well-being (Research Themes 3 and 4)

Research Area 3. The Politics of Reconstruction and Sustainability

Topic: Gender Equality, Development and Foreign/Security Policy (Research Theme 5)

Topic: Imaginative Geographies, Climate Change, and the Politics of Territoriality: Claiming the North as a (Trans-) National, Cultural, Economic and Social Space (Research Theme 6)

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