The Third Call

EDDA announces its Third Call for proposals offering grants to support projects directly related to its strategic programme in contemporary critical research with emphasis on equality and difference.  Applicants are invited to submit proposals for academic projects – in the humanities and social sciences – that correspond to, and are located specifically within, one of the following six research clusters:

(1) Conceptions of Differences and Renegotiations of Equality. (2) Societal Transitions and Political Responsibility: Morality, Justice, and Identities. (3) Rethinking Welfare – From Welfare States to Well-Being of Individuals. (4) Economic Crisis and the Quality of Life. (5) Transnational Discourses on Conflict, Peacekeeping, and Development. (6) The Geopolitics of Climate Change, Representations of the North, and Regional and Human Development.

Application eligibility: Principal applicants must be established researchers (who hold an academic or research post or equivalent) or post-doctoral researchers.

One of EDDA‘s goals is to promote institutional links with diverse partners in Iceland and abroad and to influence public policy and societal developments.

Application deadline: 1 March 2011.

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